Content marketing is compelling written and visual content that draws visitors to your website. Once they arrive, you have a chance to convert them into a customer, or direct them to the information they need.

It’s such a marketing buzzword, that you’d think it was a new concept. It’s not, but the way content reaches people is changing very quickly. To make the most of this opportunity, it helps to have a content roadmap and an execution plan.

Claire can create a content roadmap that reflects your organization in a way that will attract and engage website visitors and make them want to know more.

Social media is an important (and often overlooked) component of content marketing. If you create new content on your website or blog – do you have a way of letting people know? Integrating a comprehensive social media plan makes sense.

Let’s not forget about the most important component of any content marketing plan. Content!! Claire can help you write concise and interesting content that will draw in visitors but not smack them in the face with cheesy sales pitches. Instead, your visitors will read for themselves why YOU are the expert.

Content marketing services:

Content creation
Content roadmap
Keyword recommendations
Social media integration

Every company and organization is at potential risk for a crisis to erupt. The only way to effectively deal with the inevitable crisis situation is to plan in advance for a coherent and rapid response.

Claire is a seasoned PR counselor who can walk you through the crisis communications planning process – and get your whole team ready to respond.

Email is still the most effective marketing communications tool available. Are you collecting email addresses from your customers and constituencies? If not, you should be.

After collecting email addresses, the next step is to devise an email strategy to engage your audience and call them to action. Claire can help you create and execute a solid email strategy and make the most out of this important communications asset.

Email marketing services:

Composing and editing email copy – Claire can write and/or edit email copy
Deployment and analysis of email results –  Email deployment and measurement
Strategy and planning – Examine your audience(s) and set objectives


Internships are a rite of passage for college students. There are a great variety of internship arrangements offered by organizations – and a lot of rules and best practices to learn.

Need someone to help you navigate the world of internships?

If you’re a student thinking about applying for internships and need some guidance – or if you’re a parent of that student – let’s talk.

Claire has hired and managed dozens of interns over the course of her career. She knows what it takes to get noticed and get the position you’re looking for. She can also create or refresh your resume, give you tips on how to interview and even help you find the perfect outfit.

If your company wants to its best foot forward when starting an internship program, Claire can help you put an effective program in place. Learn how to create a challenging and rewarding program that complies with employment laws – but gives your company a pipeline of talented students to hire.

Services offered:

Internship coaching for students seeking internships – Claire will talk with you about your goals, review your resume and give you a mock interview. She’ll give you frank advice on how to improve your chances on nabbing that coveted internship. Parents are welcome to contact me on behalf of your child.

Internship consultation for organizations – If you’re looking to start an internship program or improve the one you’ve got, Claire will consult, hold a workshop for your staff, or speak to groups of any size. Claire will show you the latest research on the effectiveness of good internship programs and how they can become a legitimate talent pipeline. Claire also has presentations that would be appropriate for colleges and universities hoping to keep current with the latest trends in internships, as well as job posting and career services.

Marketing projects have a lot of deadlines and moving parts. Claire is an advertising agency veteran who has managed hundreds of projects, large and small. She can help you manage anything from placing a print ad to writing and shooting a video – and everything in between.

Claire works with your marketing staff or uses her large network of outsourcing partners to accomplish any marketing or communications project.

Marketing project management capabilities:

Advertising campaigns – Concept development and ad placement
Branding – Research, key messages and rollout
Event management – Planning and execution of special events
Marketing strategy and development – customized marketing plans
Persona development – Identifying & defining key demographics and psychograpics of your audience
Research – Surveys, focus groups and reporting



Reaching out to reporters is both science and art. The media landscape has changed in the last twenty years, and the days of a static media rolodex are long gone. There are many more media outlets covering the news, and some of them aren’t traditional journalists.

Claire knows how to research and find the media influencers that matter to your organization – and then conduct an effective media relations campaign. In Iowa, there is no one who has a more current media list and more media connections all over the state. Outside of Iowa, Claire will research and create you a customized media list that will yield results.

Media relations services:

Blogger/Social media campaign – not all influencers are traditional journalists
Media list building/research – Custom media list (yours to keep)
News releases – Claire will write and edit a customized news release
News release packages available for a discounted bundled price when paid up front:

  1. Two news release package
  2. Five news release package
  3. Twelve news release package

Pitching  – Claire tells your story to the media with a personalized message
Reporting – Claire will provide a results report with the value of the coverage you’ve earned.

Contact Claire for pricing.

Once you know what you want to say when you get the media’s attention, don’t mess up the delivery! Claire can train small groups and individuals on how to navigate a media interview and get their message across in a compelling manner. Her proprietary in-person training program includes one-on-one coaching, video feedback and practice with message delivery. Claire includes a customized media training manual for every participant.

Ask Claire to customize a media training program for your organization.

There’s a reason that Claire is known as the PR Princess. She’s a veteran public relations practitioner with years of experience in assessing, planning and executing strategies that will help her clients get noticed. It all starts with listening and tailoring a plan to address your needs and accommodate your budget.




Claire Celsi is an engaging and experienced public speaker and can customize a presentation for any group. She takes time to listen and then create a learning experience for participants on any of the following subjects:

Content Marketing
Crisis Management
Internships (for students)
Internships (for companies and educational institutions)
Media Relations
Public Relations
Social Media
Web Marketing

Claire is available for keynotes, breakout sessions, spotlight sessions and panel discussions. She can also serve as a moderator for any type of event. Contact Claire now for availability and pricing options.

Claire Celsi has been creating strategic public relations and marketing plans for more than a decade. Using the GOST method, Claire takes all audiences and strategies into account before getting tactical.

Any amateur can throw Jell-o at a wall and hope that something sticks. Claire will help you be more strategic about your PR efforts to get the results you’re looking for.

Strategy and Planning services:

Annual PR and marketing plans
Focus groups (formal or informal)